This is the official The Kingdom of Britain website, any similar named website is not official. This website and its content has been created by a small team of sovereign men and women who are dedicated to bringing peace and prosperity to everyone in England, Scotland, Wales, the whole of Ireland and all of the British Isles.

Our Mission

Our mission encompasses these primary aims:


For thousands of years, we have become beholden to the burden of governmental control. In recent years our human rights have been taken away from us, with restrictions on our movements and mandates to “keep us safe”. We have been financially burdened with tax and other unnecessary expenditure causing both parents to work, which affects child-care arrangement and diminishes the quality of family life.

People are getting fed up with the current state of affairs and feel they have no power to change it. There is a solution, however, we need to come together to gather our ideas and make these changes, as a collective. This website provides some solutions and templates for educational purposes.

For information on our progress please see our Find-a-Project Listing