We are a small dedicated team of humanitarians who cover the whole of the British Isles. We are looking to build a connection between the following, to gather ideas and bring in solutions:

  • Groups that have identified needs in their areas
  • Humanitarian project organisers who want to run projects that meets those needs
  • Providers of goods, services and funding who can help implement the projects

A small number of the team will tour the Kingdom of Britain, gathering ideas, helping with and advising groups how to start bring in solutions.

We also want to help We the People transition from Admiralty Law to Natural Law. There will be turbulent times during this transition and for some this period may feel very traumatic.

Frequently Asked Questions

SOVEREIGNTY is the essence of true independence and freedom. It is the power to govern ourselves and chart our own destiny. Cherishing and protect our sovereignty, is the foundation of our identities and the strength of our nations.

Our goal is to make sure everyone becomes sovereign. This means that they are Kings and Queens of their own domain, hence we call our group the Kingdom of Britain.

To become sovereign means that you stand in your own power, no one is above you and no one is below you. We are not saying that we are all monarchs. For us to move forward in to a new era of peace and prosperity the Sovereign power needs to lie with the people. We need to respect the rights of sovereign individuals to conduct their own affairs (providing they are lawful).

On this website ‘We the People’ is the same as ‘every man, woman and child’ used in common and natural law.

Some choose not to identify as male or female. Also, there are about 1 – 2% of individuals who are born with ambiguous sexual genital. Please research Intersex.