Peace Officers UK is the fundamental step to peace and prosperity for all.

The current Police Force have not been standing up for the everyday people. They have been focusing on protecting and aiding the corporations. We need to recruit Peace Officers so we can out number the Police at unlawful events and protect the people.

To find out more about Peace Officers UK please see the following links:

Peace Officers UK Find-a-Project Listing –
You can register free as a Searcher.

Other Videos, Online meeting Replays and Articles can be found here:

Peace Officer UK YouTube Channel

To help us run this organisation we accept donations via Buy Me a Coffee…
Items, like Promissory Notes and Trespass Notices, can also be bought from our ‘Buy me a coffee’ Shop at

Peace Officers Action Telegram Group –
This has many different Topics within it. Please make sure you post your comments in the most appropriate Topic. Check the following Topics regularly:

  • Regional Group Links (no chat) – This is so you can join a group for your Region. If your Region is not represented then please create a group and list it on this topic.
  • Sign Up Events – This shows where up-coming Sign Up Events will take place. If you are planning to run a Sign Up Event please put the details here.
  • Alerts – This show where people need help and support with their unlawful situation.
  • PEACE OFFICERS / SHERIFFS TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION – This shows detail for the next training event.
  • Uniform – Shows details and chat about the recommended uniform
  • Meeting Invites and Recording – This shows details of online meetings and their recordings.
  • Useful info – contains posts of useful information about law, legislation, dealing with unwanted visitors etc.

Peace Officers UK Telegram Group –

The WAR and PEACE Network Telegram Group –

Please read the WAR & PEACE Network information. To become a responder or a response facilitator post your details. If you’re here for the assurances this network offers, we welcome you.

Here alerts and requests for help can be posted. Please copy the template that is pinned to the top bar. Paste it into the message bar at the bottom, complete your information and post. This can also be forwarded to the ‘Alert’ topic of the Peace Officers Action Group. Keep your posts up to date so others know the status.

If you are unsure about raising an alert, please contact Rob (the Rat Catcher) on Telegram or +44 7541 289680

Rapid Response Website –
Lists all the Rapid Response area groups where Alerts can also be posted.