What are The Five Fundamental Human Rights

How we intend to provide We The People of
The Kingdom of Britain with their
Five Fundamental Human Rights

Quality Nutrition

  • Encourage people to grow their own food individually and as a community
  • Ban the use of harmful chemicals in food production and processing
  • Ensure all the people of The Kingdom of Britain are fed before exporting the surplus

Clean Hydration

  • Clean up of environment around water catchment areas
  • Removal of harmful chemicals from all water purifying processes
  • Clean and repair storage tanks, reservoirs and pipework

Safe Warm Shelter

  • Re-purpose buildings for accommodation prioritising the vulnerable
  • Ensure homeless can access rehabilitation services to help them build a new life
  • Provide a budget to create new homes or repair existing ones

Knowledge and Empowerment

  • Repurposing of schools, colleges and universities into learning centres and holistic communities
  • Empower people of all ages to learn and teach about things they are interested in
  • Provide courses and mentorship to help people of all ages to reconnect to themselves

Effective Healthcare

  • Introduction of holistic healing practices and frequency healing technology
  • Repurposing of hospitals and clinics to become holistic healing centres
  • Provide guidance and support for all those with physical and mental health issues