Guardian and Sovereign
Benevolent Leader


Visionary, empowerer, leader, guide, author, technical expert and all-round women of many talents. Shebear founded HumaniPro and Find-a-Project and guides many spiritually, emotionally and physically through the transition to peace and prosperity.

As an empowerer of empowerers Shebear loves to guide other leaders to be the best and get the best out of others.

Assistant to Shebear


Relax Kids therapist, Heyoka and frequency healing technology therapist. Specialist in clearing trauma in teenagers and adults.

Head of North West
& Lake District


Information to follow

Head of Yorkshire


Energy healer, part time teacher, life coach, empath and all round loving caring person. Lynn loves to help people feel good about themselves as well as organising and being creative with ideas and putting them into practice. She is calm, honest and naturally positive.

Head of North East England


Holistic Massage therapist and Birthing Doula. Trained in Bali for pregnancy massage.  In Bali the pregnancy and post natal process is celebrated as a sacred ritual, Gillian wants to bring this back to the western world. Gillian has been called to serve her whole life; Gillian is ready to serve with love and compassion.

Head of Heart of England


Chief/Principal Architect for leading global technology, platforms & services, Transformational coach & leader for technology start ups, renowned producer & engineer for music & video productions, published in the exoteric root systems of northern shamanism. A devote trustee of ancient wisdoms of what is sacred in the natural & spiritual, revelation and ascension of that is Gaia. Restore & Uplift Gaia experience for the greatest good of all. 

Head of East of England


Information to follow

Head of South West
& West Country


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Head of Southern England
and London


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Head of Northern
& Republic of Ireland


A native of Dublin. An early career in quality Assurance Development and Management was followed by a time in sports coaching. As a parent, raising children bought Gerard into the field of environmental diseases and researching remedies and best practice for prevention and recovery.

Head of Scotland


Collective Consciousness System reboot specialists and the creator of the re-education system. She holds the following skill sets: hair n beauty, health & wellbeing, counselling, life coaching, alternative teaching & home-schooling, SEND qualifications & experience, writing & publishing, ordained minister and connecting to galactical federation.

Head of Wales


Information to follow.

Head of Channel Islands


Intuitive architect of quantum reality, offering Quantum consultancy to support the future for individuals and humanity.

Dedicated to the new free world and finding potential in people, projects, and ideas to support change. I’m a master networker and manifestor to help generate a better reality . Creator of thought-provoking music videos for mind expansions and healing vibrations.