Decentralised Project Based Governance

This is a template for an alternative method of governance. Communities adopting this template are welcome to modify it to suit their culture and environment.

With Decentralised/Community Project Based Governance there is no need for MPs, Councillors, Mayors etc. This saves on the amount of duplicated bureaucracy and expenses that are paid to these people as well as paying for the up-keep on the offices they utilise. The main aim is transparency and accountability. The people of the community will be able to access all aspects of the governance and hold people and teams accountable.

The Community Governance Team 

The Community Governance Team is made up of a small group of people, from all backgrounds and with all different skills, who are passionate to help improve the lives of people in their community. The members of this team have been agreed by the members of the community. The team members are volunteers and only justifiable expenses are paid. There are a couple of members of the team who have joint control over the Community Trust Account which has been set up to manage the finances.

Structure of Responsibility

The Community team is responsible for community issues, the County team is responsible for county issues, the Area team is responsible for area issues and KoB team is responsible for issues affecting England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Channel Islands as well as international liaisons. The Kingdom of Britain Team can provide advice and consultancy along with the networking functionality of the Find-a-Project Community.

The Community Governance Team Role

The Community Team ensures the needs of the community are met, the Five Fundamental Human Rights are enforced, community funds are spent cost effectively and everything is done in accordance with Natural law Decrees. These decrees will need to be reviewed and modified to suit the Community.

The people of the community are educated about the Decrees and the process behind the Decentralised Project Based Governance. It is pointed out that this system will make them sovereign men and women, Kings and Queens of their own domain.

Community Fund Contribution

Community Fund contribution is paid by all adults in the community for essential services and they can choose an additional services that can be provided more cost effectively than the individual paying privately. We work out what services are essential and companies tender for the contracts. The most cost effective contract will be chosen with consultation with the community. Everything will be transparent and the cost of services will go directly to the community with no added costs.

Project Management Process

Each job that is needed to be done in the community will go through the Project Management Process which can be computerised using an app like Trello, project management or procurement system:

  • Job reported
  • Prioritised and assessed
  • Put out to tender
  • Contractor chosen from the tenders which include payment terms, guarantee etc
  • Work carried out possibly in sections depending on the size of the job
  • Contractor paid from Fund once the job or parts of the job has been QA’d

This will make the process quick and there will be transparency and accountability at each stage. 

A job that is needed to be done in the community can be raised by any member of the community. Consultation with the community is crucial so regular meetings take place and online announcements are issued. The contractors are also held accountable to make sure they have provided a good service.

The elderly and vulnerable will have a representative who can act on their behalf if they have no friends or family to support them.

For example Flo has a leaking roof at her council owned bungalow – reported by her, temporary patch up done along with assessment of the whole job, job put on the project system for contractors to tender for, the contractor chosen by team/community then the job is done and paid for out of the Community Trust fund.