Homeless and Vulnerable Project

This project related to the following Natural Law Decrees:

  • 08.001.01 – Eradication of Homelessness
  • 08.002.01 – Repurposing of Buildings
  • 10.001.01 – Ending Healthcare contracts and free healthcare
  • 10.002.01 – ‘I AM Cured’ support for Addicts
  • 14.001.01 – Education, guidance and mentorship for Young people and Adults

It starts with the Support Centres and Support providers being put in place:

Support Centres – Make an arrangement with or take over local hotels and/or hostels to provide a room and food for the vulnerable and rough sleepers in the area.

Support Providers – Find counsellors, therapists and advisors will be based in the hotel/hostel to help rehabilitate the homeless/vulnerable person. This will include making sure they have access to the finances that they are due as well as referring to health centres and re-housing schemes.

N.L.D 08.001.01 states re-purposing disused buildings can be for accommodation that prioritises the homeless, sick and vulnerable.

Scan the streets at night to find rough sleepers. If they have an addiction problem then they will be referred on to the ‘I’m Cured’ Project N.L.D 10.002.01.

Provide a room with toiletries, clothing and and food so the individual can get themselves tidied up and have a good sleep and some nutritious food.

Next day, when they are rested the individual will meet with his/her mentor who talk with them and discuss what support they need. The mentor will make sure they get access to all the services they need to get them rehabilitated ready to start a new life

This rehabilitation will include the course outlined in N.L.D 14.001.01 – Education, guidance and mentorship for Young people and Adults and enlightenment about the Natural Law Decrees to prevent them getting into a homeless situation again.

The individual will be supported as long as they need support tailing of to monthly catch-up sessions. General support will be ongoing, provided their general community, friends, colleagues and family.