I AM Cured Project for Addicts

This is based on The Kingdom of Canada Royal Decree 111

  1. One stop shop assistance for addicts and families. Thousands of housing units are to be provided per county. New homes will be built and buildings will be converted to provide homes.
  2. Support system for families and drug addicts, including housing, financial, counselling, emotional etc. There will be an emphasis on keeping the family unit together.
  3. Build community support centres where friends and families can visit the addict. This boosts the addicts morale. It is important to keep the family link with the addict.
  4. Wellness centre will be set up to provide the addict with a strict treatment regime. This must be to cure the problem not to enable the problem.
  5. Create community programmes for the cured drug addict to get a job and/or hobby.
  6. Provide structured training, structured guidance and disciplined living for the addict to give a solid foundation for when times are tough.
  7. Final phase before graduation, education focused on prevention. Deterrent focus of HRN Queen Romana’s Royal Decrees as some of them say dealing drugs can lead to the death penalty.
  8. Once the above steps have been set up then the addicts need to be moved off the streets and taken into the ‘I am cured programme’. The programme needs to be built first.
  9. Once the addict has completed the ‘I am cured program’, they can empowered to help others or work in business
  10. Continuous checking in with addict is require every day, every week every month. This can be done in the community support centres.

These addicts are victims and did not choose to be addicts. They have fallen into addiction due to circumstances and challenges. The entire community and country carries that individual wherever they may be.

There will be huge investments into this. Some addicts may be resistance, they will have no choice as others suffer because of there addiction. They cannot make a sound decision if they are addicts. Those dealing with drugs are damaging people and that is a crime against humanity. If young people’s brains are damaged, then the future of the Kingdom is damaged.

The current system enables drug addition, instead of providing a cure they provided other drugs. The old system was the drug lords. Those who have been producing, transporting, distributing and selling drugs were at the top and making loads of profit. There was no incentive to clear up the drug industry.